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EuroJovi 11-24-2003 07:14 PM

Simple Networking Tutorial?
Well, guys...I think I've finally gotten the hang of linux, and feel very comfortable using it.'s now time to move up a level--Networking. My wife has a win2k machine, myself a debian (usually in KDE, but tease w/ all of them)...both connected to the net through the usual linksys. I would like to be able to access a shared folder on her pc through mine....much like you would usual do so through Network Neighborhood (she is set up as workgroup and not domain). I hear Samba everywhere, and I have it set up to run the daemons at startup...but, where do I go from here? Something to do w/ LinNeighborhood? I'm looking for a GUI approach to get started...then to move to command line. Is there a simple tutorial on the net or somewhere that I am missing? Any help would be appreciated!



wapcaplet 11-24-2003 10:04 PM

If you got the Samba stuff installed, chances are that you have SWAT (the Samba Web Administration Tool). To find out, point your browser to http://localhost:901/ and see if you get a login. Login as root, and you should have a nice web GUI to administer your shared folders and whatnot.

However, getting at (and mounting) shared folders from an XP box is somewhat trickier. I've been struggling with it for a while and haven't reached satisfactory results. If your two machines are networked through a hub or router, then the first step is solved; you should probably try a number of simpler tests to be sure the two computers can see each other, though. There's a good introductory Networking Overview that you may want to look into before you work on sharing files and whatnot.

The best Samba resource I know of is Using Samba, available for free from O'Reilly's website.

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