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SuseBoy 09-01-2003 12:43 PM

Sharing Internet through Linksys Router !
Ok I have Two Computers, one Jamd, one Slack(the server and my d-top).

I was having cdrom readproblems with theslackone (slack being installed today), so I bought a new DVD-ROM(plays DVD and CDROMS) put that in.

ok, im moving the server which is a p2 into my room today.

I bought the Linksys Router like I was told, I got the "Broadband Home and small office Cable/DSL 4-port Router Model NR041"

it's un-opened.

How Do I enter-lock the Two computersvia router ?

can someone please reply Soon, I need to finish today.

WhiteChedda 09-01-2003 12:54 PM

I assume by Enterlock you mean have both access the internet?

The router will come set up for Dyanmic IP Cable by default.

the first thing you need to do, is connect the two computers to the router witha patch cable. Then connect the router to the internet device {cable modem or DSL modem} and make sure that modem is connected to its media {coaxial cable or phone line} correctly. You shoudl see the modem say it has made a sucessful connection by its lights. Now read the manual and enter the given configure page IP address in the browser of choice {no lynx will no work here, BTW}.

I suggest mozilla.

You will come to a config page {this is al in the manual that comes with the router BTW so if you get confused at any point cross reference it} the first page will be setup, and this is the important page, you need to know what tyoe of connection your ISP requires.

USUALLY cable used dynamic IP thoough some sue an assigned static IP} and DSL uses PPPOE {though there are always exceptions somewhere}. If you have cable with Dynamic, you ought to be ready to go already, the router should come configures to support the Dynamically assigned IP and be a DHCP server automatically. Hopefully your network card was detected by linux and automatically set up to obtain an IP through DHCP. Anyway see if you can connect on-line through the two systems before you go any further.

If you have DSL you need to change the connection type to PPPOE and then enter your account name and password. Then whala, you should be good to go.

SuseBoy 09-01-2003 02:09 PM

Thanks for the Directions.
argh, now Im using FreeBSD as a server os, and my server Shelf fell apart, while I was carrying it upstairs, and my mum isn't back with my car so I can go get a new shelf.

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