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mac1234mac 09-15-2006 10:21 AM

sharing internet connection by three boxes

I've got problems with installing internet on three boxes.
I've already got internet on two of them. One is Aurox 11.0 Linux and that's where internet gate is (two net adapters, one for internet the other for Win XP), another is Win XP. It's working fine, but I'd want to add third box to this configuration. I added third adapter to Linux box and it has installed fine but when I plug third computer (Win 98) there is no internet on both boxes behind Linux.

Here is my config with two boxes: - IP address required by my provider (eth0) - mask - IP of the card used to connect to Win XP (eth1) - mask - IP of Win XP - mask

now I added third net adapter and gave it following IP: - eth2

and configured Win98 adapter as

The result is that there is no internet on both XP and 98.
There even is no ping response between Linux and 98.

What's going on?.
In advance, thanks for response.


crabboy 09-15-2006 12:37 PM

Is there a reson that you don't connect all the machines to a single network switch so you don't need 4 nics in the linux machine? They are all on the same 192.168.0 subnet so it would seem logical to hook them up that way.

Also, If you don't mind dedicating the linux machine as router, then you could install a firewall distro like ipcop. It takes the work out of configuring iptables.

mac1234mac 09-15-2006 04:23 PM

Yea, I know of shortcommings of my solution but I have no router but I have enough net adapters to do it the way I depicted. I don't mind one (Linux) box having to be turned on to have internet on other boxes but I want to have full-fledged Linux on it. As far as I know IPCop is cut version used only for router purposes.

I have switch (but not installed) but with it I could have internet only on one box, either one or another, never both. Isn't it strange?.

amitsharma_26 09-16-2006 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by mac1234mac
..I'd want to add third box to this configuration.

How were you doing your internet sharing earlier with XP box ?


Originally Posted by mac1234mac
There even is no ping response between Linux and 98.

*Could possibly be a routing error.//#route -n
*Firewall can also block this.// Check the status of firewall & rules.
*Bad cross cat5/6 UTP network cable or crimping can also result in this.//Check with another cross cable.
*Interchange the ethernet interface for XP & 98 @ linux box.

Kahless 09-30-2006 12:05 AM

I would set up the hardware this way:


Then using your choice of software, set up IP masquerading, and possibly dhcp on the LAN side of your linux box. What this will do is turn your linux box into a server for your lan, and at the same time make adding more machines later much simpler.... just keep plugging them into your switch until the ports are all full.

Good luck, and if you need more help with the sofware side, or this doesnt make sence, just let us know`

drhart4000 09-30-2006 10:03 AM

i think what this guy is tring to accomplish is to setup a home network without breaking down and buying a switch...

wich is fine i don't linke to spend money when i dont HAVE TOO. :D

what you need to do is bridge the conections.

how did you orriginaly setup the first two nics?

do the third the same way and all should work fine.

eth0 - ip:

and i would set all the others to the same ip:
eth1 -
eth2 -
eth3 -


i beleave this would work if not the just do:
eth1 -
eth2 -
eth3 -


i've never done this before but i know its possible it just needs to be set right...
after all what do you think routers do... you can surf the web for linux router howtos...
i beleve there is a distro made just for this purpose...

although you can dothis with any linux distro...
you do it by bridging connections and transfering packets using IPtables...

i've been thinking about making a linux firewall/router too... GOOD LUCK...

this might be a helpful source:

Ill help out as much as i can...

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