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kimothy 06-20-2005 02:38 PM

Sharing In Between Computers [Mandriva 10.2]
Hi. I have Mandriva 10.2 installed on my computer. Im not the only one living in this house, so vi would like to share data between our compurers (I'm using Mandriva 10.2, my father is using Mepis and my brother is using Windows XP) so I createt a share folder in my home directory. I changed the settings of this folder so that owner, group and others can share and modify content. I also enabled sharing and installed samba. Both my father and brother could not write anything to my share folder (ACCESS DENIED). I then made my self a samba password([root@bebe kim]# smbpasswd -a kim) for my own user account on my computer. Then I could copy stuff to my computer, but if my brother and father get autorised with my password to my account they can access and modify any content in my home directory, and I don't want that. So then I made a new account, called guest, only for sharing. This guest account did not have any home direcory, only file sharing rights and it's own password and samba password. Even when they are autorised as guest they are not allowed to write anything to my share folder. Why?

To get around this problem i kind of tricked the system. I made a home folder for my guest account, only that it was not the usual '/home/guest/', but '/home/kim/Share/', and that works perfectly... But this is not the way to do it... Is it???

Thank for any reply :-)

RoofRabbit 06-21-2005 03:41 AM

What I did on my server is each user (different people on PCs here at home) is also a Linux user on the server. That gives each one access to their own home directories but not to others. The next thing I did was to add a couple more harddrives (mounted under /mnt) and made them writable to everyone. The extra drives show up on windows pcs and can be read/written to from any user here at home. These extra drives is where all my backup, install files, pictures, etc are stored. Since I have access restricted in Samba from any IP other than the local LAN range I'm using, security from the internet isn't an issue.

You might find a little more info on my website:

peter_robb 06-21-2005 04:16 AM

Nice work RoofRabbit..

How about adding these comments to the LQ Wiki site so it gets greater exposure?

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