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Nelleh 08-14-2002 10:32 AM

Sharing a windows drive to unix
I have a somewhat arcane Unix server at work running DG-UX. This box needs to have access to a share on a Windows 2000 active directory server.

However as far as I can tell, there is no Samba build for this particular flavour of unix.

It has been suggested to me that what might be possible is to smbmount the share in question onto the linux server we also run, and create an NFS(NIS?) share from Linux that the DG-UX machine can connect through to be able to transfer files onto the windows box.

I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were, I have zero experience of DG-UX and very little experience with unix networking generally (I'm trying to learn 3 variations sumultaneously!) so I dont know whether I am just trying to create network shares incorrectly or whether I am trying to do something that is not actually possilble to beging with.

GAVollink 08-14-2002 09:14 PM

samba - my favorite!
Samba can be used on Data General UniX, however you have to compile it from source. Samba is 10 years old and quite stable, so it will probably be easier than you imagine - it's just that you do have to take the time to read the README.

On Data General UniX (actual any NON-Linux/OpenBSD) Samba can not Mount SMB filesystems. This will give the DG/UX the ability to share it's own file-systems to Windows.

- If it's possible to "put" the needed files onto DG/UX - this is an option.

The mounting of a filesystem requires Kernel Level support for the filesystem being mounted (SMB - in this case). However, it can use the software, "smbclient" which is an interactive SMB client with similar functionality to "FTP".

- If the files you need to get are known, then it would be possible to write a script to use SMB client to "pull" the files.

On the other hand, using Linux to "smbmount" the share, and then re-share it via NFS is "possible" it would also be extremely in-efficient. It's rare that I say this - but if the suggestions above do not work for you - you may want to consider buying a commercial NFS package for the Windows computer. This will also play to your current strenght (windows).

Good luck,
Gary Allen Vollink

Nelleh 08-22-2002 09:34 AM

Thanks for the information.

Having had a look at the options available to us, I think that perhaps the more obvious solution to the problem has been overlooked which is the Linux server acting as a hub between all four systems currently in operation.

DG-UX mounts the linux partitions with no problems at all, and via samba our Windows servers and workstations can do the same. Hence I will be setting up a common drive on the linux box that users of all systems will be able to access instead.

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