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siddharth 08-18-2003 10:09 AM

Shares not accessible

i am running mandrake 9.0 at present. I have shared some files using the samba server. i can see my shares but when somebody else tries to access my shares a login screen comes asking for user name and password, as far as i know i havnnt set this. i dont know whether this is the problem is of samba or something else. i had a look at smb.conf but everything seems fine in there.

Here are some of the settings for the settings for my share.
encrypt passwords : yes
readonly : yes
writable : no
Guest ok : yes
browsable : yes
public : yes

I am also using netbios alias but i dont think it should be the reason for this.

Plz help me out

Cheers Siddharth

bentz 08-18-2003 10:23 AM

In order to access a samba share, you need to authenticate using a valid username and password combination, just like any other service.

Once you have a valid user in /etc/passwd (man useradd), you will need to establish a valid smb password in /etc/samba/smbpasswd (man smbpasswd).

Please read a little more. This is a pretty basic issue and it's covered on several other posts.


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