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watermelon_lee 08-26-2003 03:14 AM

Setup a linux server, DNS, WEB, FTP, and Mail Server Help
Dear all,

Hi, I am interested in obtaining all information about setting up a web server for hosting purpose.

I don't have any knowledge on web hosting and web server configuration.

What should I do for the very first step?

Can you please suggest a link which will decribe from the very basic to advance web server setting, dns setting, ftp setting and mail server setting? I would like to use qmail as my mail server.

Robert0380 08-26-2003 04:09 AM

for DNS i recommend the book DNS and BIND, the O'Reilly book. I have it, it's great.

for webserver setup- apache normally comes setup with most main-stream distros if u select to have it installed for you. the webhosting part would involve some extra setup. look for something on Virtual Hosts (in apache).
go to and type in "apache virtual host howto" and see what u come up with.

i have never setup FTP, i just use my webserver to serv files, i dont do a large number of files, usually just documents, stuff that could be emailed if need be.

never used qmail, but Sendmail was easy for me to setup (well, easy after i found what the problem was).

and a good tool to help manage everything is webmin.

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