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Randall Slack 10-30-2005 07:04 PM

set permanent read-write permission on shares
have been googling this for quit a while but can't find a suitable answer, so i need some help from you guys!

i have set up a samba file server to a dozen windows clients.
added users to my server, added the smbpasswd and voila! everything working properly

except that all the read-write permissions were set to root, cause i copied everything from the old server, not a problem and easily solved with "chmod -R 770 /home" and all files are read-write for all users.

but then....everytime that "user A" creates a new file, it is read only to "user B"
this is where i get stuck cause i need all the files and shares to be read-write for all users.

have already tried:
umask 770 /home
chmod -R 1770 /home
to my samba.conf i added:
create mask = 0770
write list = @group

it might be that i;m overlooking something simple and getting slightly tired here cause i need to have this done before sunrise.

so if anybody could point me in the "write" direction !!!!

much appreciated!!

Randall Slack 10-30-2005 09:54 PM

gladly enough i can answer my own question here!!!!!!!

pretty sure i already tried this, but maybe forgot to restart samba???????

added the following two lines in smb.conf

create mask = 0770
force group = groupname

very simple afterall!!

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