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dsschanze 05-17-2005 05:41 PM

Servers through VMWare Workstation?
Is there anyway to run servers like shoutcast out of a vmware virtual machine? I have tried (vmware 4) and I can get apache to serve the test page (virtual machine is RHEL) and it will work on the host machine...but when I try to make vnc or shoutcast won't work. Can anyone tell me what the problem is or how I could fix it?


mrcheeks 05-19-2005 02:21 AM

If it doesn't work there must be some error messages.

dsschanze 05-20-2005 07:52 AM

There are no error messages...apache works cause it shows the test page...but with shoutcast it doesn't work period. There aren't any error messages.

:) Thanks in advance,

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