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dlb 07-03-2001 07:56 PM

server refusing remote connections (@Home)
Hi ;

My linux server is running RH 6.2 and connected to the internet via @Home w/ an ethernet interface to a RCA Docsis Modem.

I'm attempting to connect to this server from a remote win98 via a dial-up connection.

The server is refusing all remote connections (telnet,ssh , even HTTP ).
These services are available when calling the IP or "DNS Name+gateway" locally - ie. I can establish a telnet session to the server's IP from a client within the server , but not from a remote client - same goes for retrieving web pages from its Apache installation ; no remote connections on the "eth0" interface.

The server is apparent via Ping and Traceroute.

to ensure that it's not due to @Home I've connected the cable modem to my win98 and performed similar tests - retrieving web pages etc..
I haven't experienced a problem connecting to windows w/ a remote client.

this server had previously been colocated at a local ISP and used as a web & FTP server , I haven't changed the configuration significantly since receiving it - installed DHCPCD and modified the config for @Home (network , resolv.conf , & hosts).

_also , I've run tcpdump and attempted to connect but haven't seen anything to indicate a connection by a remote client on eth0 , local clients are apparent on 'lo' - I don't really know how to read tcpdump's output though :P

_also checked hosts.allow and everything seems to be in order regarding ssh and telnet. Again, these services had been accessible when the server was running at the isp and there haven't been substantial changes made since then.

I'm kind of stuck - any advice will be appreciated


clausawits 07-06-2001 06:20 AM

I know it's the ugly way of doing it, but do you actually have two computers, or just two partitions? If you have two computers, you could just connect them together and see if the you can get the linux box to serve something over eth0 other than just ICMP..

could there possibly be something in hosts.deny? Are you running ipchains or other firewalling/NAT?

strange stuff if it was working well before, and almost nothing was changed.. ethernet cards do die sometimes, and sometimes in strange ways.. you might try swapping NICs if you've got a spare..

bktpv 11-26-2001 02:48 PM

telnet session - solution
telnet session in workstation

i know its too late.....

i joined today for the similar problem in (red hat ver 6.2.1) and had just overcome after is the soln..

1) check for inet package ---> # rpm -qa | grep -i inet
if you could find the package --> inetd-0.16-4
its fine
install the package # rpm -ivh inetd-0.16-4

2)check for telnet package ---> #rpm -qa | grep -i telnet
if you could find the package --> telnet-0.16-6 and telnet-server-0.16-6 its fine
you should install both or whichever is missing
#rpm -ivh telnet-0.16-6
#rpm -ivh telnet-server-0.16-6

3) just #reboot

4) check for telnet from your laptop or desktop into your linux box

hope this helps

thanks for this forum...its nice and browsing some queries i got to conclusion.

C u friends again and again


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