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devwink 04-12-2010 08:24 AM

Server only responds to ping is DMZ is enabled for server.
Hi All,

I have multiple public ip addresses.

My DSL modem blocks ping from a server behind the modem (nb6+4w) modem lan ip (gateway) is

the server is

If I DMZ this server it responds to pings.

If i don't want to use DMZ, what service is ping using.

I have set up virtual server 443 to this 107 ip as it's a SSL server

thanks all

smoker 04-12-2010 08:53 AM


usually blocked for good reason.

bakdong 04-12-2010 09:22 AM

This is a port forwarding issue, either for icmp (for pinging) or the 443 port for the https service. What's the question?

devwink 04-12-2010 11:46 PM

Thanks Guys,

I have 443 port forwarded for the SSL server , that works

I need to do something to get ping forwarded to the server behind the dsl modem as i hope to use ping as a method of load sharing between one www server and the two servers that are behind this modem.

The server that responds to ping fastest , gets the job

May be someone could suggest a better way of load sharing.

The load sharing is more for redundancy..
I want to be able to pull a server out of service and the parent server, (having not gotton a response), simply send the job to the other server.

Thanks again for your replies

bakdong 04-13-2010 01:27 AM

Probably better to have a rethink and separate the services you're running into those that you want available internally and those that should only be on the internet. I would be wary about opening up icmp to the lan in the way you are talking about.

devwink 04-13-2010 02:22 AM

thanks guys,
I was thinking to run a php ping script on the lan that pings the two servers and returns resp

I'm also blocking port:80 as I'm not using it now



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