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joepl 08-18-2005 05:03 AM

Server goes online when started and stays online ...
I am migrating my home lan from Win to RH9 environment. The server is now running RH9 and Squid and I used firehol to configure iptables. I have a dial up ISDN connection
I have other PC's connected to the network and they can all surf the net etc.
I have added demand=yes and idletime=180 to the ppp0 config.

The problem is that when I boot the server as part of the boot process it dials out and establish a connection and keeps the connection live.
I am trying to figure out why the connection is established or why the connection is not dropped after 180 seconds of inactivity.

Any hint is welcome.


david_ross 08-18-2005 02:12 PM

Welcome to LQ.

It could be that there is still some sort of network activity. Try running "tcpdump -n" to see if there is any sign of network activity (if you don't use -n it will keep doing dns lookups and definately stay online)

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