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kaffeen 01-03-2004 11:43 AM

Sendmail: cannot open mail:25
I've just finished an install of Gentoo Linux and now, every 10 minutes or so, I get a message saying "Sendmail: cannot open mail:25". Once I get this message, it also adds a line, "/bin/sh: line 1: root: command not found" to dead.letter in my /root directory.

I do not have Sendmail, or any mail program, installed and cannot find any seem to find any information as to why this is happening.

sglow 01-17-2004 11:49 AM

It's ssmtp
Gentoo Linux installs a package called ssmpt by default which creates a simlink to sendmail. You can see this for yourself by typing:

ls -l /usr/sbin/sendmail

You should see a link to a program called /usr/sbin/ssmpt

You can get some more information on ssmtp by checking the man page for it:

man ssmtp

To get this application to work, you will need to edit the configuration file for it which is:


Most likely, you will just need to change two lines. You need to give it the name of your out going e-mail server (the smtp server), and your host name.

The e-mail server is the machine that handles your out going mail, it's probably the mail server of your ISP. Check your normal e-mail program's configuration to see what it's set to if you don't know.

For your host name, you can probably use the host name of your ISP. For example, if you e-mail address is '' then you could use '' as the host name.

Now, your real question was probably why is your system constantly trying to send e-mail, and I can't help you with that. This configuration should make the error messages go away.

Good luck,

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