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freelinuxcpp 07-25-2004 06:35 AM

Sendmail and aliases
hello every1
i have a mail server with many virtual domaines ( i can send messages using many domaines) and i want to creat the different account with the same name for each domaine for exp :

i know i have to deal with the MTAs aliaces , but i would like to know from where to start , any good URL would be perfect ,
thnx from the advance .

fsbooks 07-25-2004 07:00 AM

You need to modify virtusertable to add the alias and either access or relay-domains to specify the domains. These files (which could be named slightly different) are most likely in /etc/mail/ . This site ( ) explains pretty well the steps. While a BSD site, sendmail is sendmail, as long as the features are compiled in (usually), there would be no problem. More help is available if you google for virtusertable.

freelinuxcpp 07-27-2004 05:01 AM

ok thank you very much , i m gonna check this out

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