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acid_kewpie 01-12-2011 05:04 AM

Same native and tagged vlan possible?
Hi guys and gals,

I'm looking at implementing systems using a number of tagged and a native vlan connected to a server over a a/p bonded interface. The untagged vlan is for physical machine access, the tagged vlans are connected to bridges and then to QEMU VM's inside the machine. Hopefully this plan is fine, but I'm trying to implement a crippled version of this in a dev environment due to a lack of underlying network config in this location where I just have the same single vlan delivered to the machine on a tag AND plain. I'm nto clear if this is going to work (and that I should just be confident that it will work using different vlans) as I'm seeing odd things like a vm is arping out over the vlan out to the core switch, but the arp reply is coming back on the untagged interface. Now an ARP reply is unicast right? So it's a deliberate thing to send the ARP response on the untagged interface, and not a case that a broadcast response isn't being passed on the tagged side... i.e. there's some underlying logic pushing it that way. Something about the MACs somehow? This is on a CentOS 5.5 machine, vlan's from vconfig. (I've seen reference to the Linux mac-vlan project work, but that's not available here by default.)

so 1) Should having the SAME vlan tagged and untagged work?

2) Will different tagged vlans to the untagged interface work nice and easily?

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