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Ajentsmith 09-02-2002 01:34 PM

Samba: W2k clients cannot login after joining domain

I have Samba setup running as a PDC on a RH 7.3 box. (Samba version 2.2.5).

I have connectivity to the box and I was able to access all the shares without any problems. However, when I configured Samba as a PDC and joined the w2k clients to the domain, I was unable to login to the network. I recieved an error message on the w2k machines stating "A duplicate name exits on the network". My smb.conf is as follows:

workgroup = CENTRALCITY
netbios name = CENTRALCITY
server string = %L running Samba %v
encrypt passwords = Yes
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
domain admin group = @adm
domain logons = Yes
os level = 64
preferred master = True
domain master = True

comment = Home Directories
path = %H
valid users = %S
read only = No
create mask = 0700
security mask = 0700
directory mask = 0700
directory security mask = 0700
browseable = No

path = /SharedFiles
create mask = 0770
security mask = 0770
directory mask = 0770
directory security mask = 0770
guest ok = Yes

path = /SharedFiles/netlogon
read only = No
create mask = 0777
directory mask = 0777
browseable = No
share modes = No

Any help would be appreciated.


Mara 09-02-2002 04:20 PM

Chack names of machines in your network. From the error you get, there are 2 machines with the same name.

Ajentsmith 09-04-2002 01:29 PM

Figured it out.

It's not that there were machine names on my network that were the identical. It was the smb.conf file that had two identical settings. The Workgroup/domain name was set to CentralCity, while the NetBIOS name was also set to CentralCity. That is what the problem was. Once I removed the NetBIOS name everything was cool



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