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MikeAtVillage 06-28-2005 09:30 AM

Samba - unable to sync browse lists
Hi :) My /var/log/syslog contains a lot of the following...

Jun 28 15:23:24 ptyserver nmbd[109]: [2005/06/28 15:23:24, 0] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:find_domain_master_name_query_fail(358)

Jun 28 15:23:24 ptyserver nmbd[109]: find_domain_master_name_query_fail:

Jun 28 15:23:24 ptyserver nmbd[109]: Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name PTTRAIN<1b> for the workgroup PTTRAIN.

Jun 28 15:23:24 ptyserver nmbd[109]: Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.

In my smb.conf I have (amongst all the usual stuff)...

preferred master = Yes
domain master = Yes

Am I missing something vital ?


peter_robb 06-28-2005 10:04 AM

Not missing anything serious..

Is there a server named PTTRAIN in the network?
The error messages say during the task of looking for an existing Master Browser in that workgroup, no-one offered their identity. Usually coz your box is doing it.

M$ networks have elections every 12 minutes, hence the polling to see who thinks they are holding the latest browse list.

If you aren't being a pdc for logons, say NO to Domain Master.


MikeAtVillage 06-28-2005 10:10 AM


no, there is not a server named PTTRAIN, just this server named PTYSERVER. Do I need to rename this server ?

It is not acting as a PDC so I will set Domain Master = No.



peter_robb 06-28-2005 10:32 AM

No need to rename..
The call was to find a special category of Domain Master, <1b>, so the machine who knows this name will respond automatically, usu the NT PDC as explained in the link.

If you get some spare time, raise the logging level and watch what the nmbd & smbd daemons are doing. They are quite busy!

MikeAtVillage 06-28-2005 10:47 AM

Thanks Peter,

I'm still getting the log entries (every 15 minutes) after setting Domain Master = No.

I'll need to follow that link you gave me and see what I can find out... it's about time a read a manual !!!



peter_robb 06-28-2005 11:08 AM

Have you used the swat programme?

It's a nice web interface to the config file and help files, follows the order of the config file making it easier to read/follow..

MikeAtVillage 06-29-2005 03:04 AM

Yes Peter,

I have SWAT for all the samba servers and find it very useful. I also use WinSCP (looks like Norton Commander) which allows me full access to all files on the servers so I can manually edit if needed - and examine the log files :-)

ATB, thanks for your support.


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