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Aoxo 04-26-2009 10:30 PM

samba - unable to browse windows shares by name
Let me first say I'm pretty new to linux, although I've played with it a few times. I'm currently using Fedora 10. I'm also new to these forums, and I thought I would ask my question here since I found threads regarding samba quite helpful.

My problem involves Samba, but might be more of a network configuration issue rather than a samba issue.

First let me describe my physical network setup. My step dad has a DSL Modem/Router provided by his ISP with two of his systems attached. I have connected to this my Dlink Router and have two of my systems connected. One running XPSP3 and the other running Fedora 10. His network assigns IPs like 192.168.1.x and mine assigns IPs like 192.168.0.x. We both use different workgroup names, which is ok because I don't mess with his computers and he doesn't mess with mine.

My current problem is that I am unable to ping from linux to my windows machine by name. I am however able to ping linux from windows using name. I am able to ping either direction by using the IPs assigned by my routers DHCP (192.168.0.x). I can browse to my Linux system from windows using network neighbourhood (my network, w/e you call it these days). I am unable to browse either my windows or Linux machines using Dolphin's Network/samba shares or with Nautilus' Windows Network. In both cases I do see the workgroup, but no computers attached.

When I try to ping my windows machine from Linux by name, it is resolving the name to instead of resolving to as I think it should. I thought this was the IP assigned to my router by his routers DHCP but it isn't. The IP assigned to my router is When I ping from windows to Linux by name it resolves to address as I would expect.

Update: I did some looking around to find out what is currently assigned to and I came up with nothing. I did at one point have my windows PC connected directly to my step dad's router though and I'm wondering if it associated that systems hostname with

primary DNS server:
DNS search path:

primary DNS server:
Connection-specific DNS suffix:

I can probably edit my hosts file to force the correct relationships between name/ip, but I'm wondering if I didn't perhaps overlook a larger problem that is making this happen. Windows seems to understand that everything on this side of my router is my own little world, but linux wants to go messing around on my step dad's network. I'd like to set this up "the right way" instead of using a workaround like overriding the host/ip.

I apologize is explanation is long winded or lacking any critical information. I did my best to describe my scenario, I hope it is sufficient. Thanks for any help in advance ; )

FYI I disabled the firewall and SELinux on the linux system and disabled the firewall on the windows system to rule them out as a source of potential problems.

More Updates
After coming to the conclusion that my step dad's router probably associated my windows hostname with an assigned IP while it was directly connected, I decided to try changing my windows machine's hostname. After doing so I am able to use dolphin or nautilus to browse my network. It now shows both my windows pc and my linux pc where before it showed neither. Oddly it also still shows the hostname I was using prior to renaming the windows PC. This shows up on both windows and linux when I browse the network. I am still unable to ping from linux to windows by hostname although instead of timing out it's telling my hostname not found.

My guess is that something is acting as a DNS server and it's got some bad information that needs to be flushed. I don't know if its his router, or one of my PCs...I'm pretty sure my router isn't a DNS server. I'm going to try powering everything down later with the exception of my step dad's hardware (I prefer to meddle with it as little as possible) and see if that doesn't get rid of old associations.

I'm still interested in any comments or suggestions even though I keep updating this thread with information as I investigate further. Most people probably don't have more than 1 router on their home network, and I haven't until recently, so any problems associated with a setup like this are new to me.

ddaemonunics 04-27-2009 01:48 AM

this will help

Aoxo 04-30-2009 10:33 AM

Thank you. That page should help, I'll look into it. I still seem to have a little trouble despite working around the routers long term memory problem.

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