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YoungLemon 03-17-2013 02:32 PM

Samba, Ubuntu 12.04 share with Windows XP, Vista & 8
I recently switched my Ubuntu OS from server 10 to desktop 12. Previously when I setup Samba I was able to see Windows from Ubuntu and Ubuntu from Windows. Now it seems that I can only see Windows shared folders from Ubuntu and when I attempt to access Ubuntu folders from Windows I get an error that reads, "\\(SambaServerShare) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the admin...The network path was not found". I found some help in a previous internet search. From the site I found an older tutorial. I've got lots to learn and didn't know if there was an updated Samaba tutorial for Ubuntu 12+ and Windows (including 7 & 8), or if someone might know what I've overlooked by my error message. Thanks in advance, -Matt
I recently posted this and realize I should add the tutorial I found that has helped get my this far.
Unfortunately, I'm missing something, cross platform host file or something, I'm not sure. I will continue reading, thanks in advance to anyone that could offer a direction or link. -Matt

nickmh 04-17-2013 05:40 AM

I've had constant fights with "Mixed" windows environments. XP, Vista, Windows Server, Win 7 and Linux on the same Workgroup network.

I'm constantly making sure that Windows doesn't take over the "Master Browsing".

I investigate the Master Browser as the first stop. Especially if you have Windows 7 running and it can't detect a Windows server.

Don't forget, Windows is a spoilt child. It constantly thinks it's the center of the universe and must remain that way, and will force a fight "Master Browser Elections" to remain that way.

Hope this helps.

P.S. if Windows has become the "Master Browser" and therefore the other workstations are Querying it for the IP address of the other workstations? Windows may not be allowing this. Hence "No network path".

P.P.S If you beleive this to be the case?.. Look up the registry settings to kill the "Master Browsing" of the various windows machines you have. I have my Linux boxes take care of Master Browsing and hence have the Master browser settings in my smb.conf file/s to win (Higher Number in the pecking order) if an election is called.

These are the switches I play with.

domain master = no
os level = 20
preferred master = no
This is from my Ubuntu Workstation and one of the Linux servers is set to....

domain master = yes
os level = 80
preferred master = yes

And the Windows boxes have their registry switched to not participate in any of this. Hence Linux becomes "The Boss" of the workgroup.

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