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gottin 07-12-2004 06:42 AM

samba through pppoe problem
hi U all, since more than week I'm testing and reading about samba. However there's still one problem which I can't solve. First I'll introduce my network.

WinXP ip on pppoe gateway
Fedora1 ip on eth1
on the Linux: route add -net gw

| Win XP |
---------- -----------------------------
| switch |<--->| PPPoE server Concentrator |
---------- -----------------------------
| Samba Server |


Betweeb the Win box and there's a pppoe connection.

workgroup = ATLANTIS
netbios name = server
encrypt passwords = yes
interfaces = eth*
wins support = yes
prefered master = yes
local master = yes
remote announce =

All firewall rules on the PPPoE server are disabled.
The problem is that with this scenario on the Win XP I can't see the samba server. If I set an static ip addr on Win XP on the same subnet with SambaS. - no problems, but trying it through the PPPoE conection -> nothing. The idea is that I want only authenticated users to use my Samba Server.

Please Help me or give me an idea how to achieve my goals. 10x

camorri 07-12-2004 10:20 AM

After looking at your post, there are two issues I see. First of all, the routing. You did not say what sub-net mask you are using. 10. is a class A private networking IP address. The last three bytes are host address unless you use a mask to specify other than Have you checked all IP interfaces are using the same mask? What is your mask?

The second issue you raise is authentication. As I see it that has little to do with the routing. So to make along story short, why not have them all on the same sub-net? Only reason I can think of is you have too many machines for say a private 192.168 class c network. Not sure at all if that is the case, ( you mention just 2 ) just a thought. Authentication is looked after by the Samba server. You are using encrypted passwords, and you have to setup the users. I used SWAT, that was the easy way.

Are you concerned with security form outside connections on the side?

gottin 07-12-2004 11:21 AM

well, all the masks are
It isn't only one user. There's more users and the idea is to share a ftp server files and the authenticated users who use windows to be able to watch the Movies and listen to the mp3s without downloading it. There will have only one user and pass for all of them to connect to the samba server. All the users has other passwords for connecting to the PPPOE server.

my current smb.conf is:

workgroup = FREE
netbios name = FREE2
server string = server
encrypt passwords = yes
read only = yes
security = user
guest account = free
allow hosts = 10.10.
os level = 1
interfaces =
remote announce =
remote browse sync =

the addresses from are given to the users by an DHCP server ( is a Local/Domain Master Browser). I want only users who's connected (and reseived address like 10.10.*.* ) to be able to use the samba server. In the above config if I add 10.20. to the the 'allow hosts' I have everithing I want. , but as soon as I again try with allow hosts = 10.10. (without 10.20.) -> again no access to the machine. I just see it's workgroup, but can't access it.

gottin 07-13-2004 01:42 AM

isn't there somebody to help :(

I think that I found the problem but still can't solve it. It's that windows machines use only their primary ip address to browse the LAN. However, when they connect with their account on the PPPOE server it's there second ip address that they receive and can't browse the LAN with it (only with their DHCP ip address).

Is there an issue for this problem?

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