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dkode 03-27-2002 10:15 AM

samba server / win2k / caldera openlinux
Here is my network setup:
note: this is a home network private from the internet

LinkSYS Cable/DSL Router, 4 Port 100mbps
(currently not connected to the internet)
IP :
win2k professional (client machine)
IP :
RH 7.2 running samba server
dkode = account name of privledged user
IP :
Caldera OpenLinux running DNS for the network
IP :

Now here is my problem:

The network is working, i am able to ping all machines and DNS is working correctly.
I successfully setup samba and I can do the following from a windows command prompt:

net use H: \\\dkode

And it successfully maps the network drive on my win2k.

Problem 1. : I am unable to browse the network from my Win2K machine. It tells me the network is unavailable.

Problem 2. : Everytime I boot my win2k machine it asks me for a password to map the network drive. i supply it with a password and it maps the drive. Is there anyway to shut passwords off in the smb server?

Problem 3. : I cannot access the samba server by going to : \\redhat\dkode. Does this have something to do with the hostname of that machine? should hostnames match the DNS addresses?

And lastly, is there any extra security measures I should take before I plug this network to the internet? I am still getting the hang of DNS and samba so i want to make sure it is all secure before i expose it. Thank you.

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