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neoelf 06-15-2009 04:53 PM

Samba server visible on network intermittent - shares not accessible - UPDATE
Last week I posted a samba problem, and received a response. To that gentlemen...thanks. The problem wasn't in the hosts allow parameter. What I ended up doing was reinstalling samba, and uninstalling SWAT.
Nearest guess is that SWAT was inserting parameters that I didn't intend or want. In a couple of cases, SWAT refused parameter changes when attempting to commit.
Point is, is anyone aware of this or other problems with SWAT? Reinstallation of samba and manual config of smb.conf resulted on a working share.
Are there any other SWAT issues out there??

rylan76 06-17-2009 03:34 AM

Its the classic manual vs. "automagical" thing... you are probably right in stating that swat interfered in your parameters. I have never used swat, but have been using samba itself for four years now, across several distro versions (Fedora) and several samba versions. I have taken a look at swat, but it did look overly complicated, and I have very simple needs...

A good idea (but takes more time and effort) is to always "go for the config files" - this has always made sense to me for Linux, since direct and precise control over a config file or setting is the hallmark (for me) of the Linux way of doing things. Versus the Windows way of being trapped, most of the time, in a GUI that is overly complicated or like a blunt instrument if you want to do something small or precise...

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