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Mr2001 09-17-2003 06:57 PM

Samba roaming profiles - can't delete folders from desktop
I'm using Samba 2.2.5-SuSE as a PDC and I have a roaming profile on the server. My workstation runs Windows 2000. On my roaming desktop I have a folder "working", and inside that folder I have several others for different projects.

I want to delete some of the old project folders, since they're stored in CVS and I don't need a working copy anymore... but if I delete them, they come back next time I log in! It seems that folders I create are copied from my workstation to the server when I log out, but folders I delete aren't removed from the server at the same time.

Now, I can log into the server and just delete the folders from my stored profile, but that's a pain. I'm also the only one here who knows how to do it. How can I make folders I delete stay deleted the next time I log in?

antken 09-17-2003 08:40 PM

that may be a windows problem

check the event log on the windows system for errors

failing that check all the permissions on the files in question and everything leading up to them ( i.e. check the directory they are in )

make sure you have right access to them

Mr2001 09-17-2003 11:02 PM

Nope, no errors in the event log. I also have write access - I have no problems adding or changing files, just deleting.

Mr2001 10-21-2003 07:16 PM

Update: I changed the roaming profile directory from \\server\username\profile to \\server\profiles\username as suggested by the Samba FAQ, and that solved the problem... for about a week.

My roaming profile hasn't been updated on the server for two weeks. I have write access to the folder, and I don't see any errors at shutdown or in the event log.

antken 10-21-2003 07:38 PM


do the same again, change the directory and unc path, and time exactly how long it works for.

if it goes off again in exactly one week, perhaps you have a weekly cron job ( an application set to go off on a weekly basis )

depending on your distro ( be it mandrake, redhat or suse for example ) your system could search for 'world writeable files', basically this means that these files are writeable by anyone, if the program finds them ( depending how its setup ) the program will change the permissions on the files to non world writeable ( normally accessible only by the user and/or group

one way to tell this is to switch directory's like before, then on you linux box do:

ls -lash

in the directory and on files in question. note down the part that says something like: -rwxrwxrwx

these are the permissions on the file. starting on the right : the the last 3 define others access to the file/directory in question, the middle 3 define the groups access to the file, the next 3 define the users access rights to the file. the last one the - in my above example is normally set to d or l depending if its a directory or a link respectively.

r = read
w = write
x = execute ( to run a program )

but any whoo back on track, i think that could be your problem, permissions and a system script.

try that

Mr2001 10-21-2003 07:58 PM

Well, I definitely have write access to the folder. I can open \\server\profiles\username in Windows and add or delete files, the permissions on the directory are drwx------, and it's owned by me and group 'users'.

My distro is SuSE 8.1.

netguy2000 01-10-2004 05:35 AM

Dear my samba PCD is working fine but i dont want to store user profiles in samba server bcz profiles cover much space in samba server and i have 10 GB drive what i have to do to stop saving profile folder in samba server i want that user profile save in its own local PC not on server.???????????????????????????

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