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jammer69 10-30-2006 04:50 PM

Samba corrupts filesystem
Samba corrupts filesystem



** I could really use some expert help here, or even take a stab in the dark if you dare. I appreciate any advice.

This is not the first time this has happened. I'll try to explain as best I can:


I was transferring a ~4GB file (rambo.mpg) from a win2k shared folder to a fat32 shared folder on my Dapper box. It aborted midstream after about ~3 GB or so and gave me some strange "Invalid Protocol" error (or something to that extent). It left a "rambo.mpg.part" file in the /media/windows/My Documents/My Video/ folder and I deleted it to start the file transfer over again.


1. Now, I cannot transfer that same file to that same shared fat32 folder (/media/windows/My Documents/My Videos/).

2. Also, even if I load up my XP box, I still cannot transfer that same file from that win2k box to my XP box folder (C:\My Documents\My Videos).

3. There is no rambo.mpg file anywhere shown in that folder.

4. I even searched for hidden/system files and the registry for keys (locks, etc) and nothing shows up.

5. I can however transfer that same file to any other folder (like C:\Windows\Temp) in XP.

6. Even if I rename that file to "rambo-firstblood.mpg" and try to transfer it to that same fat32 folder (My Videos), it won't.

7. I keep getting a "Cannot copy <filename>: The Parameter is Incorrect"

By the way, I had a similar issue happen a while back using samba on Ubuntu when transferring a large GB file (tar backup) to a Win2k share. In this case, it copied alright, but when I tried to delete that file in win2k it gave me a permission error or something and locked the file. I could not delete it.


michaelk 10-30-2006 09:27 PM

The largest file that you can create on a FAT32 filesystem is 4GB-2 bytes. Older samba versions and I do not know the exact number were not compiled with large file support and were limited to <=2gb file tranfers.

What linux distribution / version and samba version are you running? Is the W2K share a NTFS or FAT32 filesystem? Check the file parmissions on the both boxes.

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