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abe_asu 08-22-2001 09:26 AM

Samba as a PDC or logon server (Need Help Pronto please)
Guys, I really need help on this one, my NT server went down (don't they all), fortunately I had a SAMBA test server I configured a couple of days ago to play a little, little did I knew I was gonna need it this bad, anyways, I need to setup this samba as a logon server or PDC for my win98 machines, I tried to set it up yesterday with the domain master = yes and the browser master = yes options, but the win98 stations would not log on to the server, they say illigal funtion, and sometimes they won't even be able to browse the network altogether.

There's a workstation that is acting as a master browser but, I need samba to be the master and the PDC for the network.

I really appreciate your help on this one, my network is down, I donít know what to do and I am not a very experienced Linux administrator but I need help.

te_conway 08-22-2001 10:01 AM

In your smb.conf Make sure you have at least:

domain logons = yes
wins support = yes (set clients appropriatly)
domain master = Yes
preferred master = Yes
os level = 64 (will override other browsers)


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