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mr666white 07-16-2004 05:35 PM

Samba and Win2k3
I've been usinf LinNeighborhood and the scripts it generates to access shares on a Win2k domain quite happily without problems, but then we had the bright idea to upgrade our M$ servers to win2K3. Now i get the following message

SMB connection failed
cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.
8754: protocol negotion failed

I'm not quite sure how to fix it.

I'm running mandrake 10 and KDE
Toshiba Satellite 1110 Laptop. Totally vanilla and usually works fine.

HELP ME, I need access to my MP3s!!!!!!!!!!!!



seabass55 07-16-2004 07:24 PM

What does your smb.conf say about signing? 'client signing = yes'

mr666white 07-16-2004 07:44 PM

Hmm, no entry matching that in my smb.conf. I'll try adding it and see what happens.

mr666white 07-16-2004 08:25 PM

no joy. Is it likely to be a problem with the horribly old version of samba included in Mandrake 10 (2.2 i think) or do i just need to sort the configuration?

seabass55 07-18-2004 04:13 PM

Any luck with this yet? I totally forgot about this thread.

When mounting are you using -t ntfs? try mount -t cifs (though you might need to update samba)

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