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mtrento 06-27-2005 11:01 AM

samba : access denied for some user in same NT group on a folder

i'm runing FC1 with default samba version configured as a member server with a win2000 active directory machine and acl
a public folder is shared on the smb machine

the "problematic" users are member of a custom group on the WIN2000 Active directory server.

at the installation all went fine , the users had access to their files., etc...

suddenly (after months of run without problem) some users in the same group got access denied on a directory in which other members of the same group have access)

the acl on that directory does not have any deny restriction to these people.
the NT group have rwx to that folder.

the only way i managed to let the users access these folder is to modify acl and set access right to individual users.

but i'm sure some day another user will lose access to another directory

i'm running the following samba version


i do not have group mapped these custom groups on the linux side.

is it possible these symptoms are corrected in further releases ??

can someone give me any advice ?

thanks for your help.


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