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kcourser 03-12-2003 11:18 AM

Samba, a tale of two cities
Here's my situation. I have two offices in two cities connected by a T1. Here's what I want to do.

Server configs:
City 1 subnet:
City 1: Samba PDC -> "HLRD" (main file server)
City 1: Samba PDC -> "HBACKUP" (stores nightly backups from 'HLRD' and 'HSA' and acts as a means of failover)

City 2 subnet:
City 2: Samba PDC -> "HSA" (main file server)

Heres the problem: we are converting clients to win2000. If I join HLRD, I can't see HBACKUP or HSA. I would like be able to see the other domains and just authenticate me when I try to access it. The other solution I thought of was FTP HSA in addition to samba for local users and use only FTP for HBACKUP but I'd rather not do that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


AltF4 03-12-2003 11:39 AM

>Server configs:
>City 1 subnet:
>City 2 subnet:

your subnets look strange, both machines are on the same subnet (assuming netmask)

are you sure your subnets work correctly ?

osfestus 03-12-2003 01:40 PM

AltF4 suggests a good place for you to start looking. If your netmask is 24 bits as he is suggesting there are no subnets. You simply have a private network. Your machines will be in the same network and there is really no communications issues tcp/ip wise as long as all machines are addressed correctly. If indeed you have subnetted the network you might have something like this: (or a subnet mask of if you don't like CIDR notation). This would give you 2 usable subnets of (65-126 usable) and (129-190 usable) if you did something like this you would of course need to route between them or there would be no communication between the subnets whatsoever.

Now, having said all that, I suspect that the problem is that multiple Samba PDC's are not going to play nice as far as authentication and share access goes. I am no expert in multiple samba server environments, but that is my gut instinct. Especially since Samba servers configured as PDC's don't have any capacity to serve as BDC's (ala NT 4) or member DC's (ala win2k). I would be interested in hearing how you approach this project as I have something similar in mind for the future!


kcourser 03-12-2003 02:21 PM

excuse me, i meant and
sorry for the confusion

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