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pstringer 01-25-2005 06:52 AM

SageM Fast 800 Broadband Modem ISP Problems
I am running Red Hat 9 using a USB broad band Modem ( using Tiscali as My ISP)

I have followed the instruction in order to connect to ISP and I am having problems.

I have installed the driver and it worked- ifconfig -a indicated adi modem was there under network interfaces.

I edited the adiusbbadsl.conf file ( /etc/analog/) and set "Encapsulation=00000006" ( My ISP uses PPPOA VCMUX )

I also provided "VPI=00000000"

Which are the correct hex numbers translated from 0,38.

I also edited the chap secrets and Pap secrets with;

Username * Password

And the Options file;


I have started the connection and it seems to connect as I have a pppo interface listed in ifconfig -a

If I ping the ISP Primary dns I get network unreachable. I used to get a ping back before I removed the network card from the PC, but since this is a USB and not ethernet modem it should not matter. and anyway the NIC was not connected to anything.

anyone have any ideas?

baronlynx 01-25-2005 07:55 AM

You have to modify file /etc/resolv.conf

it should have a line:


where the number should be your ISP DNS server which is generally the fastest one available for your case

in your case before the modifications the ping of an physical address should work, only the won't work

feedback the results

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