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des_a 04-13-2018 02:12 PM

I'm almost ready to experiment and see what happens, knowing that I should always be able to restore the same configuration again...

des_a 04-13-2018 06:14 PM

So according to this, a downstream switch is simply a switch on the LAN side of the router. Nope, not quite what I want, even if it had wireless as well. But possibly I'm willing to try something like one of those with wireless, except for it should be a little smarter.

I have some actual switches. That's how the thing functions in the first place. I have done it this way whenever I have done it for years. There is a switch inbetween each router. Since it's on the downstream of one (LAN side), and upstream of the other (WAN side), I guess they are downstream switches. They don't have anything you can configure, they are just switches, plug them in and they do what they do.

I don't exactly want a duplicate of that, or it would be as easy in this case as unplugging the routers and using the switches.

Sorry, I can't provide diagrams, but my diagrams are way out of date, and I need to redo them at some point, so words will have to do.

mainrouter is connected to a switch, then clientrouter's WAN is connected to a switch. That is the part we are concerned with right now. If I break guestrouter, I can reconfigure it later, right after getting clientrouter to work.

clientrouter currently has NAT, and is in gateway mode, and allows wired and wireless devices to connect to it. But multicast packets aren't getting through I believe is the problem, even with "filter multicast" turned off, and the SPI firewall turned off. I "think" this is why it's not working. Anyway, I can have a more superior design if I route things differently anyway.

Ideally, everything would be in a differnet subnet, but everything could talk to each other. Even multicast packets would get through somehow. By the way, I don't really understand multicast, if it's the same as broadcast or not...

The wireless interface is fine for now, I want to keep that same interface.

I have enough information to start tinkering with things now, after a backup. I'm just not home yet, and need to be home to do this. I could modify configuration from here, but I wouldn't be able to see it's effect from here.

I am possibly going to settle with all being in the same subnet again, since even though it's "nice" to divide it like that, there's no technical reason to do so right now, since I have fewer than 254 clients still, even with all that I've got and with 8 virtual servers. So I can play with the access point tutorial, and see how that goes. I'll follow it so much, but adapt it to my actual needs and see if that goes well or not. I'll see if I break anything by doing it. If I don't break anything, I'll see how airprint works.

I WILL have to change the guest network (guestrouter). However, changing guestrouter is second priority as guestrouter needed some more changes anyway. First guestrouter needed to be upgraded, and then differnet things needed to be changed about guestrouter. This was on my list anyway...

des_a 04-13-2018 06:21 PM

Multicast information:

Now, I have a basic understanding of what the 3 types are.

des_a 04-13-2018 06:23 PM

I'm told that the basic reason I haven't gotten anything to work, is that multicast packets are not getting through to the other subnet.

des_a 04-13-2018 06:23 PM


des_a 04-13-2018 06:29 PM

Multicast Enabling Information:

Doesn't quite help, but getting closer to finding what I wanted for this part...

des_a 04-13-2018 06:31 PM


des_a 04-13-2018 06:34 PM

Doesn't seem like I can solve it brute force... I don't see a way to enable multicast and get it through NAT. So, back to my original way of thinking. There was a device I could by for $99, but I was thinking that was overkill for my current situation. Plus, I don't have the funds right now...

I'll try my idea, when I get home. Unless there is more to say about the idea, that's probably all, until I try that idea.

des_a 04-13-2018 06:34 PM

...Except, for I'll check from here, to make sure everything else looks good...

des_a 04-13-2018 06:37 PM


SPI is disabled, and filter multicast is off.

Here goes what I CAN, do here...

des_a 04-13-2018 06:57 PM

Settings were set from here. Nothing like losing the GUI or anything... I know I just broke DNS, and the DCHP configuration, but we'll see if I broke anything else or not. I can fix DNS from here, but we'll see if more stuff starts to work or not, when I try this configuration. If more things work, I'll first fix DHCP, then DNS, and make things more permanent. The first, will be to test airprinting, to see if that works or not. Then, I'll go from there...

des_a 04-13-2018 07:17 PM

P.S. - If I broke DHCP, it can always try to get a dynamic IP from the DHCP server, while I test it. It only matters when it's more permanent...

des_a 04-13-2018 09:34 PM


I'm back home now. I checked to see how it functions... I decided to wait to get DNS and DHCP how I want them, until I see if it works or not.

The computer has Internet, as desired. I still only need to give the router permission, and everything behind it has permission to function. So that works out okay. Then, I tested my iPad. It works okay, and airprint works. The only problem now, is that unlike my computer, the iPad is not getting an IP from DHCP at all. This is true no matter which wireless it's connected to, not just the special one. Although, this was probably why I went to the special wireless network in the first place. Maybe if I made a special wireless network for iPad on mainrouter??? Anyway, it won't get an IP address where I want it to be. If you give it one manually, everything works okay it seems, so it's giving it an IP address that's the problem.

des_a 04-14-2018 12:03 AM

Cool! I just had to wait a little longer. I configured the DHCP server. Now to configure DNS.

des_a 04-14-2018 12:34 AM

DNS is set! Everything works for clientrouter and mainrouter. Now airprinting works. Everything is in the same subnet, except, for now, for the guestrouter, and VPN. Is this a good design for my network do you think? Or was this a better design to keep the different subnets? Since I did have to remove one DHCP server to make it work, it's certainly harder to configure. If I DID keep the separate subnets though, I'd like to make sure I have no NAT or anything though, and don't break airprint.

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