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nighthawk 04-22-2010 05:55 AM

Routing with 2 WANS, 1 LAN
Hi All

I am having some trouble setting up routing on my Ubuntu 9.10 Server. I have the GUI installed with Webmin and OpenVPN
Heres the setup :

1 NIC - WAN - eth0 - IP: 146.231.x.x SUBNET:
1 NIC - LAN - eth1 - IP: SUBNET:
1 NIC - ADSL - eth2 - dynamic

What I need to do is the following.

All users are connected to the LAN.

All requests for IP range "146.231.x.x", and "" need to be routed from LAN (eth1) to WAN (eth0).

All other internet requests need to be routed to ADSL (eth2).

-> I have the masquerading in the linux firewall working for NAT, but all traffic goes to ADSL (eth2).
-> I am using OPEN-VPN over the ADSL also.
-> DHCP and DNS work fine.

I also need all ports opened with the route (from eth1 to eth0)

Please can anyone offer advice or a solution on how to get this working.

Thanks in advance!

barunparichha 04-22-2010 07:46 AM

Use tcpdump to find out what's going inside.

Or use ethereal (network analyzer) to know the traffic.

I am not a network export, but I use tcpdump in such situations, at least to know, whether I am receiving requests properly.

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