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Maranza 04-10-2004 02:27 PM

Routing problems after upgrading mdk from 9.2 to 10
first, this is my network configuration:

ethernet adsl modem ---> eth0 card - PC1 - eth1 card ----> PC2

i had configured my PC1 to use the internet connection properly and i configured masquerading with iptables (kernel 2.6.1) to share the connection with PC2.
eth0 has a dynamic dhcp address, eth1 is and PC2 has the ip
The modem has the ip, but this is not the default gateway
So i've got two different networks, the modem-PC1 and the PC1-PC2. Before upgrading to mdk 10, the networks were LINKED in a way that if i asked a connection to an ip different from from PC2, the packets travelled from PC1's eth1 to PC1's eth0 and here to the default gateway (dhcp address) making the internet connection available to PC2. Now the two networks are separated, so i can ping, share disks, printers ecc between PC1 and PC2 but from PC2 i can't even ping the modem...
what happened?
the kernel is the same and the iptables script is the same too

Maranza 04-12-2004 06:32 AM

does anybody have an explanation?
all the interfaces are working correctly, but it looks like i can't transfer packets from eth1 to eth0...

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