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netuser 05-30-2012 02:59 AM

routing in hierarchy
i am doing some projects in networking. For these i have to do an analysis of asymptotic behaviour of hierarchical routing in adhoc networks on an abstract level. I have searched on internet, i believe that there would be alot of information but unfortunately i was not able to find alot. I have to analyze the asymptotic behaviour of a simple network with N nodes ( N is large) for k groups. For a protocol with F(N) overhead, a single group will have overhead of k.F(N/k)

If we go to the next level of hierarchy, where the clusters at the previous levels are represented as a node, and if they exceed a certain threshold they are again clustered into super groups and the overhead is represented as:
N/k*k F(N/k*k)

And this process continues until the numbers of nodes are below a certain threshold and they in the end form a single group which is represented as a single node with constant overhead.
If i want to add complexity at different levels how can i do it. Can someone please provide any document in which i can learn this stuff.


nikmit 05-30-2012 04:50 AM

If your teacher is not providing the document to study from, then probably it is concidered to be a matter of logic? Like in a task intended to make you think rather than learn a solution by heart :p
I don't see the logic in

a single group will have overhead of k.F(N/k)
, seems to me for a single group it should be F(N/k), but I am probably missing the context.

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