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exodist 06-01-2004 03:34 PM

router only half working.
I am having some trouble, I am familiar with using linux routing, but not with this specific task, here is what I have:

dsl router with 5 static ip's, (, router is 166) dhcp on it is set to dish out 163-165

I then have a linux box connected to the router and it is given, but I do not care which static ip it gets. it then has a second network card configured to, I have dhcp configured on that interface to dish out, it does so successfully, I then have routing with iptables, and dns with named all set up, when the computer that connects there gets ip it can ping web sites and browse and seems to work fine, however outside the network I can ping, and (the interface on the other side of the linux system) but I cannot ping, I have added the addess as a host tot he routing table ont he linux box I am using as my own router.

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