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HerrBee 06-11-2003 02:16 PM

route to alcatel modem/router: LAN & internet
Hi there!

I've just installed debian woody 2.4.18-bf2.4 and am trying to set up my internet connection and network connection.

  • alcatel speedtouch home adsl modem --> upgraded to pro version with router capabilities
  • onboard lan chip: via vt-6103
  • southbridge: via vt8235
  • a hub for connecting multiple PC's to the alcatel modem/router

what i've done and tried so far:
  • installed rhinefet.o driver for ethernet interface (seems successful)
  • *** untarred driver file into temp directory
  • *** used command make install
  • *** added alias 'alias eth0 rhinefet' in file /etc/modutils/aliases
  • *** added driver reference for loading at boot 'rhinefet' in file /etc/modules
  • tried to use DHCP server on alcatel modem/router (didn't work)
  • *** permanent connection ICS is up and working: connection is made by setting up alcatel modem/router
  • *** DHCP server setup:
  • *** addresses: through
  • *** subnet mask:
  • *** lease time: 7200
  • *** default gateway:
  • *** dns server:
  • *** DHCP client setup: used network utility 'etherconf' which I think is using 'dhclient' --> the program quits without errors but doesn't get a lease from the server
  • used 'ifconfig' and 'route' to set up ethernet device by giving following commands:
  • *** ifconfig eth0 netmask up
  • *** route add default gw
  • *** route add -net netmask eth0
  • modified some files:
  • *** in file /etc/resolv.conf: added 'nameserver' and ''
  • *** in file /etc/host.conf: 'order hosts,bind' and 'multi on'

'ping' commands to 'localhost', '', '' work, but that seems obvious; to '' it doesn't work, nor to any machine on the LAN or internet

My questions are:
  • how do I know I am using the right driver for my ethernet device?
  • how can I get a DHCP connection to the modem/router and setup a gateway to the internet and my LAN

There must be something i've forgotten or don't know about yet, so please help me. Maybe another 'route' ???


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