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BaerRS 10-20-2003 12:06 PM

rh9/sendmail Courier/Cyrus IMAP??? sugestions ??
I need some direction (for setting up an e-mail server)...

I'm going to be setting up a web server that host multiple domains, and I would also like to set up an e-mail server that would server all domains as well. I know that having the e-mail server on the same box as apache is dumb.. but I'm doing this for my learning purpose.. and not for a production site.

I currently have rh9, sendmail.. with imap-2001a-18 (rh9's default imap server). I would like o move this to something else.. but need input on what to use.

I would like to save my messages that I currently have.. and pipe them in to the new imap program.. this is not necessary, but an added bonus.

I would like the message, users, passwords, ect.. be database oriented.. mySQL or PoSQL(preferably mysql)

Any suggestions ???

david_ross 10-21-2003 03:57 PM

What are your messages currently stored on?

I believe you can use mysql with courier - I have only used it with ldap though.

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