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ascii2k 08-08-2001 08:27 AM

Reverse DNS Lookups
Here is my situation.

Linux FTP server with real address(63.x.x.x) and internal address.

We can get a connection to the server from anywhere but it takes an unacceptable amount of time to return the login prompt. The consensus around my department is that the Linux machine is attempting to do reverse DNS lookups on whoever connects to it and it won't be able to do that. (It is in a DMZ)

My question is, does anyone know where yopu configure Reverse DNS lookups? I'm sure there is a way to turn them on/off I just don't know where it is. Any help is appreciated!

jharris 08-08-2001 08:36 AM

What FTP daemon you using?


ascii2k 08-08-2001 09:01 AM

FTP server Reverse DNS
We are using the Wu-FTP server. I did find in the FAQ that -I will disable AUTH/ident. Is that what I want to do?

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