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Boffy 08-27-2004 10:21 AM

Restricting Bandwidth to FTP server
How can I restrict the download speeds of people accessing my FTP server. I am using proFTPD with a webmin interface.


chenry3 08-27-2004 01:56 PM

Boffy -

The bandwidth control mechanisms inside Proftpd have changed dramatically during the 1.2.0 development and release cycle. The original 'Bandwidth' directive has been removed and replaced with a nubmer of 'Rate*' directives. These only work on a per session basis with no scope for limiting on a VirtualHost basis or a netblock basis. This functionality is planned for the 1.3.x development branch.

Example 14-2. Simple throttling config

Bandwidth 81920

is replaced with something like

RateReadBPS 81920
RateReadFreeBytes 5120
RateReadHardBPS on
To achieve a total limit on a per virtual basis a mix of RateReadBPS and MaxClients is needed. ie RateReadBPS x MaxClients = Total Bandwidth allocation. There is no way (at the moment) to specify that virtual server xyz has a maximum total bandwidth of 200K/s that it can use between all connections.

Per-virtual, per-user and global limits are currently in the "to be coded" pile and are being penciled in for the 1.3.x development series. There is some work in providing for a shared communication system between servers before this can happen.

you could also do this via iptables and the limit directive... however if you are unfamiliar with iptables I wouldn't recommend this


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