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pembo13 12-15-2003 03:01 PM

Request for suggestions on user setup
Hello to all,

I would like suggestions on how to setup some users for my Linux box. But first here's the scenario.

The users will be for, and registered from my website. They need as a bare minimum:
- FTP access to their home folder
- SFTP access to their home folder
- An email address
- Monitoring of disk consumtion (quotas)
- a subfolder in their HOMEDIR, 'www', and it's contents, need to be writeable by Apache and the user only.

I also was hoping to have their usernames accept characters other than strictly alphanumeric characters, at least so that '_' and '.' are accepted.

I'm not a total newbie to linux. Infact i've beenaround the system for a few months now. However the exact setup for such users baffle me.

THank you in advance.

Pcghost 12-15-2003 09:35 PM

What you need doesn't seem that bad, it's mostly a matter of permissions.

System accounts for each user (via the useradd command or by GUI if available)

Permissions set on each subdirectory in /var/www/ or wherever you decide document root will be.

An Ftp server with each user added.

A mail server like Sendmail or Postfix set up with accounts for the users.

I defer on recommendations on quota management as it is not my expertise.

The mail server is likely to be the most time consuming (assuming sendmail), the rest seems like permissions issues to me. I would suggest reading up on setting file permissions in Linux, and picking up a book on Linux system administration. The book is optional as you can find most information online, but having a real book in front of you is very helpful IMO.

If you hit snags setting up anything, search LQ and you are bound to find the answer. :-)

pembo13 12-15-2003 11:11 PM


Thank you sir for your response. I should have been clearer. I already have the individual compontents working, i even know abotu chrooting my FTP users etc. But what i really need help with is setting the best user permissions. I'm familiar with the basics of the *nix user system. And this setup seems tricky.

Any specific suggestions?

Thank you

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