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krunge 07-28-2008 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by KWTm (Post 3226683)

Some examples for various display managers:

gdm: -auth /var/gdm/:0.Xauth
kdm: -auth /var/lib/kdm/A:0-crWk72
xdm: -auth /var/lib/xdm/authdir/authfiles/A:0-XQvaJk
dtlogin: -auth /var/dt/A:0-UgaaXa

The problem is, with Kubuntu (which uses kdm, the KDE Display Manager), the auth file is NOT located at /var/lib/kdm/A:*, like it says in the example, and it took me forever to locate the file.

In this case x11vnc also says:

Sometimes the command "ps wwwaux | grep auth" can reveal the file location.
which can be a handy way to find whereever the cookie file is being kept on an arbitrary distro.

This info should be printed closer to the dm list.

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