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santiagosilva 02-23-2011 10:00 PM

remote desktop access
I'm not sure i'm posting this in the right forum.

my g/f was able to access her jobs computers from home in Windows. she'd go start->program->access->connect to remote desktop...
(or something like that)

in any event, i've found some programs in Fedora 14 that say they'd do the same, however i can't get it to work.

in "remote desktop viewer" i'm trying to use 'VNC' protocol,and trying to put the ip in the first of the "Host" lines.

now, there might be another issue, is it possible she need more info than the ones she got in order to use LINUX remote desktop?
she has (what she has written down as)
Computer # and then ';' and 4 additional numbers,

so (for the sake of the example) computer#:;2222

she has a 'username' and a 'password'.

should this be enough or is she missing some info?

any help is useful at this point.


santiagosilva 02-23-2011 11:52 PM

I solved it:
my g/f had put ';' instead of ':',
and the "computer name" is in fact the IP.
i used the "Remmina" program that came with F14 and it works fine.

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