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Felipe 03-04-2010 06:05 PM

redir for oracle database connections

I'm trying to configure a reverse proxy for Oracle Database connections.

What I have:
Host outside --> Reverse proxy --> Oracle Database

The "Revese proxy" has two IP, one for local and another for outside.

I've tried with iptables, but unable.

Now I'm trying with "redir". When I do a tnsping database, it works and says OK.
But executing sqlplus user/pass@database, it tries to connect but time later I receive a timeout.
What i do is a redir from port 1521 in "Reverse proxy" to 1521 in "Oracle database"
Can any tell me why this doesn't work or any other way to do it?


mesiol 03-06-2010 05:04 PM


take a look at the following Metalink discussion:

This will explain how Oracle works in conjunction with firewall.

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