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wombatz 05-31-2004 10:41 PM

RedHat 9 . rpc.rquotad info

Just looking for more info on rpc.rquotad. i have read the man page but are looking for more.
have had a look on google but only seem to come up with what i already know.

do i need it, is it a security hole, can the ip port number be set - this is so i can id it with nmap.

can anyone help or point me to the right site.




bastard23 05-31-2004 11:47 PM


It probably isn't a security "hole", but a security "leak" as people can get information about your NFS mounts. Don't run it if you don't need it. :)

Remote Procedure Calls are supposed to be independent of TCP/UDP port numbers and are assigned a port number by the "port mapper" (tcp port 111 "sunrpc"). So there shouldn't be a well known port, but you could probably guess if you had to.

Try running "rpcinfo -p <hostname>" to see if rquotad is running.

"nmap -sR -p1- <hostname>" should also show something interesting, by my nmap doesn't seem to delve into the RPC info (just unknowns).

I found this short overview of the RPC protocol:
It also has links to the relevant RFCs.

Hope that helps,

wombatz 06-01-2004 08:13 PM

Thanks Chris

did help


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