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maxdown 05-05-2003 09:56 AM

Redhat 8 machine on network how do I FTP to web server document root?
Very new newbie - so bear with me!

I have just set up a Redhat 8 Linux box on my LAN to use mainly as a web development test server (and also to run some office management stuff as web applications via everyone's browsers on the network).

The Redhat box has been assigned it's IP by our LAN isdn modem which is acting as a dhcp server/router, so I can successfully enter and see it's Apache default page on any machine in the network.

I have created a User name for each person in the network via the GUI on the Redhat box.

Now, what I'd like to do is treat this machine like a private web server for an admin (to access the httpd default document root at and each individual user on the network to run their own testing areas (

We have a Mac and Windows mix of machines in the office and normal web development work is FTP'ed up to the Live server via both Dreamweaver and Cute FTP. I want to use these same methods to allow files to be sent to and have a 'virtual site' area for each User.

Which apps should I use on Redhat and how do I configure them ( I installed everything on the Redhat 8 (Pysche) distro - so there must be plenty of choice in there!)

Also - Is there a Web Admin panel available where the server admin can log in and administer all the network user web accounts?

Thanks to anyone who can help me in this .....

fancypiper 05-05-2003 11:39 AM

Perhaps you are looking for Samba?

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# Redhat 8.0 configuration commands
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maxdown 05-05-2003 06:29 PM

Thanks fancypiper - I'll check those out.

Incidently for anyone else following this thread - I discovered an article concerning installing rh 7.3 with my network requirements - but it's still pretty relevant to 8 and above.

angelrod 05-05-2003 07:01 PM

You first have to setup apache in order to have a web server. Then for the FTP server I recommend you to use Pure FTP Server.

Once you install both, you have to configure them, for this maybe you should use Webmin, it will make your life easier.

P.D. You can get the tarīs at

Good luck

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