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Gormless 11-08-2004 06:29 PM

Questions regarding FTP server stuff...
Hey, I just set up a Cerberus FTP server ( ) and Isuccesfully configured my D-Link router to allow port forwarding. A friend of mine uses SmartFTP( ) to connect to my server. He is on Comcast broadband and I am on DSL. The upload/ download rates ought to be fast, but so far dl and upload rates have been very slow ( average of 30kB/sec) Any idea why I am getting such poor download /upload rates? I know that when I connect to other FTP servers (for instance when I downloaded the Fedora ISO) I am able to get roughly 190 kB/sec. Is it possible that his slow download /upload rates are resulting from the fact that his cable connection is being shared among other people in his community? Or, is this something that has to do with my server / router setup?

scowles 11-09-2004 07:39 AM

How is your DSL circuit provisioned? i.e. upload/download speed. Remote hosts downloading files from your ftp server will be limited to your DSL circuit's upload speed.

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