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barryw 05-21-2005 04:45 AM

Qmail problem: ISP mail and virtual mail, "sorry no mailbox, here by that user"

I have just installed qmail, with courier-imap, vpopmail, and qmail admin.

I need to download mail from so i have created a virtual domain for as well as the various users for each of the aliases on my qmail server using qmail admin.

The problem I have is I cant send mail to anyone else at, only to my users that i have defined, i get the error "sorry no mailbox, here by that user" is it possible to tell qmail to look at the real for the "other" users and not just my virtual domain.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Donboy 05-25-2005 09:45 AM

>> i have created a virtual domain for

I think you misunderstand. If you create a virtualdomain for "" this has to be a domain that you actually own. You have to control the DNS records for this domain. If you don't then you can't host this domain on your server.

If you're trying to "download mail" from your ISP, then you have to download it to your computer... you can't download mail from your ISP's server over to your server. It doesn't work like that.

barryw 05-25-2005 11:05 AM

I understand that I have to download the mail, I do it with fetchmail.

Then is the best bet just to create a virtual dummy domain like myisp.dummy and then rewrite the email when it gets sent internally?

Thanks for your response

Donboy 05-25-2005 11:58 AM

I'm very confused. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. As far as I know, you should never create any "dummy" virtualdomains. They all need to refer to real domain names that you own. I'm not sure what you mean by "rewrite the mail when it gets sent internally". It almost sounds like you're wanting to use fetchmail to download messages from your ISP's mailserver and have them directed into a mailbox sitting on your server. I guess you could do that but I think it would be an ugly hack and not something I would try doing on a "production" server. If this is just your own personal server for your use, then mayeb that's ok.

Please explain and maybe I can offer some better advice.

barryw 05-26-2005 12:19 PM

I'll try to explain
First off, thanks for your efforts.

My qmail server is a home server, I am connected to the internet via broadband, my isp ( gives me one email address with 5 aliases.
We have several computers networked, sharing the internet connection through a router.
The problem is when 1 person downloads the mail, all the mail gets downloaded to that persons PC, which sucks for the other 4 people.

So what i want to do is download the mail from using fetchmail, inject it locally into my qmail server, using .qmail files i will distribute the mail to each of the five "individual" email addresses on my sytem that correspond to the five aliases. (I hope this makes sense).

Then each of the users will log onto the sever either imap or pop and download their mesgs.
They should then also send through my qmail server which then forwards the mail to myisp.coms' smtp server.

I hope I have explained clear enough.



Donboy 05-26-2005 01:27 PM

By making your own mail server, you basically have unlimited email addresses. Just dump your old ISP email addresses and use the ones you created on your new server. Or you could setup forwarding from your old accounts to your new accounts on your new server.

You may also want to check and be sure your ISP allows you to run servers on your connection. I know some ISP's don't want you running servers on your connection unless you're paying for a business account.

Anyway, if you insist on doing it the way you described, I don't think I can help very much. But there are certainly plenty of alternatives, only a few of which I described above.

barryw 05-28-2005 12:01 PM


I have created a domain linux.bogus (like in the DNS how-to) and called my mail server mail.linux.bogus on an internal Ip address "" so it should not have any affect on the internet, i have created user1, user2 .. user5 that corresponds to the aliases mentioned before.
When i send a mail now it gets sent as user1@linux.bogus I want it to be sent as
I know that I can control this via Kmail, Outlook etc, but it does not work on webmail.

I have taken your advice and not set up as a virtual domain, and am just using a convetion qmail toaster setup

I hope you can help me with this


Donboy 05-28-2005 01:43 PM

Sorry, I have no experience using fake domains with qmail. I only use real domains (i.e. I control the DNS records for them).

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