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learner_driver 07-05-2004 12:38 PM

Putty SSH remote desktop Solved
Hi all, I must give this back to the community as it has pained me for some time. it involves a solution for remote desktop via a linux firewall running ssh to tunnel the connection.

There is alot of info out there about xp and using using ports 3389 and 3390.
The above produces mixed results. The best way is easy as follows the explanation.

The problem is that when you tunnel from an XP client to a Terminal services host using say putty to tunnel the port 3389. Windows xp complains as it runs the service itself locally.

All that one needs to do is tunnel from port say 3333 -------3389 and all is fine for some reason 3390 does not work, perhaps TS uses this port also??

For example

imagine your server at work with the remote desktop software running(terminal services) or in fact an XP machine with remote desktop sharing enabled in control panel system remote

has the address with a linux firewall infront of it at and the linux firewall also has the external address

on the client setup a putty connection to then go to tunnels and type in local port 3333
then underneath that

then add
save the session
connect to the linux fw
login to the firewall - at this point the machine you are on is listening on port 3333 at ip address

now open up your remote desktop software in the host bit put in

then connect -

God save the Queen!!!

peter_robb 07-05-2004 04:02 PM

Well done.. :)

Have a look at the LQ Wiki and see if this can be fitted in somewhere.

It's always nice to have someone start a resource like this...

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