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Rubicone 10-14-2001 05:23 PM

Project Management Using Linux
Let us say you have been hired at QRS Ltd. as their Linux system administrator. The company is now involved in three projects and is organized as follows:

..........................Project 1.....Project 2..........Project 3
Team Leaders....J.Smith........W.Li.................M.Khan

The requirements are as follows:

1. Each user must have his/her own account and private storage area for files.
2. Each project must have a storage location for collaborative work.
3. All project leaders must be able to share files in a common location.
4. There must be a central repository for files that secretaries can post to.
5. All project leaders must have the ability to add users to the system as demand dictates.
6. All team member's acccounts must expire at the end of the year.

How would you set up this scenario?

siddiqu 10-15-2001 12:22 AM

0. Create a group projects
1. Creste three groups project1, project2,project3 under project group
2. Create the users in respective groups
3.Create Three folders project1, project2, project3 and change the group to peoject1, project2, project3. so that the respective groups can access the common folders
4. Create a group secrataries and make project group as a secondary group for this group
5. Create folder secratary and change the group to secratary and give the permission to the respecive groups
6. Use userconf or chmod to give the permission to access the userconf/useradd command for the respective project leaders
7. Give the Expire date other derails while creating the users

Hey some one give suggesstion if anything wrong



Rubicone 10-15-2001 10:51 AM

Will this work? Are there any problems one can see and if so do you have any solutions to them? TIA.

# create groups for three projects
groupadd p1 -g 101 # p1 for project 1, so do p2 & p3, where -g for groupID
groupadd p2 -g 102
groupadd p3 -g 103

# create users for project 1
useradd jsp1 -u 110 -g 101 -d /home/jsp1 -s /bin/bash # -u for userID, -g for groupID, -d for the home dir, & -s for login shell, same to the other
useradd pmp1 -u 111 -g 101 -d /home/pmp1 -s /bin/bash
useradd ltp1 -u 112 -g 101 -d /home/ltp1 -s /bin/bash
useradd plp1 -u 113 -g 101 -d /home/plp1 -s /bin/bash

# create users for project 2
useradd jwlp2 -u 120 -g 102 -d /home/jwlp2 -s /bin/bash
useradd twp2 -u 121 -g 102 -d /home/twp2 -s /bin/bash
useradd jlp2 -u 122 -g 102 -d /home/jlp2 -s /bin/bash
useradd ppp2 -u 123 -g 102 -d /home/ppp2 -s /bin/bash

# create users for project 3
useradd mkp3 -u 130 -g 103 -d /home/mkp3 -s /bin/bash
useradd ssp3 -u 131 -g 103 -d /home/ssp3 -s /bin/bash
useradd plp3 -u 132 -g 103 -d /home/plp3 -s /bin/bash
useradd jcp3 -u 133 -g 103 -d /home/jcp3 -s /bin/bash

siddiqu 10-15-2001 10:05 PM


Follow all the steps and then post the problems. we can work on that

Rubicone 10-16-2001 05:23 PM

How do I solve the problem of having the groups able to share information and allow the users in each group to have a group area.

rshaw 10-16-2001 07:15 PM

some sort of version control possibly?

Rubicone 10-17-2001 09:42 AM

I am trying to do this by strictly using the command prompt, so if anyone has further suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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