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robertos 05-13-2007 03:30 AM

problems with assigned ip from the pptp server
I have uncheked "Use default gateway..." and i have enabled ip_forwarding.

The thing is:
From my web hosting company i have a primary address let's say A, to which i can connect via SSH and i also have a IRC SUBNET ADDRESS a range of 6 ip-s(i don't know exactly what's with these because when i ping in one of them my primary address A responds with message "TTL expired in transit").

Now what i did was (in /etc/pptpd.conf) I have assigned one of those ip's from the IRC SUBNET ADDRESS to "localip"
and the others to the vpn clients(remoteip). Is this correct?
The ip's seems to be assigned correctly to my ppp0's on the winbox and on the vpn server.
When i browse the web and check my ip is my local ISP's ip, and not the one assigned from the vpn server. Why? I want it to be the ip assgined to the ppp0 on the win box ofc.

I think there is a routing problem on my client and it's not using the tunnel. But how do i fix that?

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