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TastyWheat 02-26-2004 11:02 PM

Port Forwarding w/2 Machines & 1 Switch
Okay, I don't know much about the subject, hence I'm asking for help on this. I have a linux box and a windows box behind a 5-port workgroup switch. My linux box has it's own domain name, but my windows machine doesn't (I like to keep it less visible to the world). There are some services used where people need to access my windows machine, but they have to use my ip address. So they don't have to bother remembering my ip address for my windows machine, can I set up port forwarding on my linux machine to send the traffic to my windows machine?

To clarify:

                                Cable Modem
                            |  5-port Switch  |
                                /            \
                  ---------------          ---------------
                  |  |          |  |
                  |  Windows  |          |    Linux    |
                  |    Box    |          |    Box    |
                  ---------------          ---------------

Can I redirect requests for over to

(Those aren't my real IP addresses btw)

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